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Absolute peace with waterproof flooring

Nothing offers peace of mind the way waterproof flooring does. Knowing that your new floors are protected against any kind of water damage leaves you free to never worry about another leaky pipe or malfunctioning appliance again. At the same time, you’ll get amazing durability and performance with amazing good looks you’ll have to see to believe.

What’s more, you’ll get all the characteristics and benefits of the particular material you choose, so the options are nearly endless.

Nulook Floor has a showroom located in Las Vegas, Nevada, from where we serve the areas of Las Vegas, Henderson, Upland, CA, Santa Ana, CA, and Anaheim, CA. We offer an extensive line of materials and services and bring over four decades of experience to every project we undertake.

What’s more, we are completely dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers, going above and beyond, whenever possible; to meet the needs you bring to us. Be sure and stop by today so that we can better serve you and help you get the flooring you deserve.
Waterproof flooring in Las Vegas, NV from Nulook Floor

Waterproof flooring you can live with

The fact is, life happens, and that includes a wide variety of things that seem to come out of nowhere. Water emergencies are like that. When you least expect it, something can happen that leaves you with massive amounts of water on your floors, and many times, that means floor replacement. With waterproof flooring in place, that is no longer a worry, and your flooring investment is safe, no matter what.

Waterproof flooring is available in a variety of different flooring materials including luxury vinyl flooring, ceramic & porcelain tile, and some kinds of natural stone. In addition to the benefit of protecting against water, you get all the other characteristics of the particular material you chose as well. Combined, you get amazing benefits and great looks, all in one single product.

The installation methods and time frames vary by material also. While luxury vinyl goes down quickly and easily, porcelain tile takes much longer, as it’s harder to cut and takes precise measurements to be correct. No matter which material you choose, your professional installation team will do a great job, leaving you with a floor you’ll absolutely love.

Cleaning these floors, no matter what material you choose is the easiest process of all. After making sure all dirt and debris are swept or vacuumed away, all you need to do is damp mop, and your floors will look just like new again.

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