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Choosing the perfect carpet for your home

There are few floorings that can offer all the special touches carpet brings to your home. The inviting warmth and elegance, for instance, of the only soft surface flooring available. The atmosphere created by this amazing material can truly turn a house into a home, providing an ambiance that few materials can do.

At the same time, there are a variety of amazing benefits that go along with this material, all of which make this flooring more appealing now than it ever has been.

At Nulook Floor, our family-owned business has been serving the communities of Las Vegas, Henderson, Upland, CA, Santa Ana, CA, and Anaheim, CA since the 1980s. At our Las Vegas, Nevada showroom, we carry an extensive selection of flooring materials and provide services that can bring them all together to perform the precise purpose you have in mind for your floors.

With dedication to customer service and satisfaction, you’re going to want to visit us and experience what we can do for your floors today.
Luxury carpet in Las Vegas, NV from Nulook Floor

Carpet you'll fall in love with

Who doesn’t love the soft, plush feel of carpet under their feet? Soft surface flooring often creates a soft spot in the hearts of homeowners all over the country. In addition to the amazing underfoot feel, this material offers a variety of other benefits as well. In direct relation to the softness, you’ll appreciate the noise reduction it creates in the home, especially between floors. If you have children or pets, you are likely to appreciate that even more, as their daily endeavors will not be nearly as loud.

Carpet has often been considered a bad investment due to the possibility of permanent stains. The good news is, there are now protections in place against stains, with stain resistance built into the carpet fibers themselves. This keeps stains from becoming set in by not allowing them to soak into the fiber. The result is a carpet that’s easier to clean, with no necessity of applying and reapplying chemical stain protection.

Allergy sufferers are another group that carpet manufacturers have reached out to by creating hypoallergenic fibers. These fibers trap and hold allergens, instead of releasing them into the air to float around and cause problems. They are literally rendered incapable of harm, leaving you to vacuum them up at will and be rid of them. Everyone in the home, then, will be able to breathe a little easier.

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