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The true beauty in hardwood floors

The stunning and timeless sophistication of solid hardwood flooring makes it highly sought after in today’s market. It seems to simply stay in style, as there is always a trend that revolves around its amazing benefits, looks, and overall performance.

At the same time, it offers a variety of options that allow you to create a truly personalized floor covering that is sure to match any decor scheme you have in place. It’s no wonder so many homeowners are making the switch to this amazing product. You may be the next to benefit.

At Nulook Floor, we serve the areas of Las Vegas, Henderson, Upland, CA, Santa Ana, CA, and Anaheim, CA all from our showroom located in Las Vegas, Nevada. With more than four decades in the flooring industry, we offer a wide selection of materials, most of which are always in stock, impeccable services, and a dedication to customer satisfaction we hope you will visit us to experience for yourself.

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Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Las Vegas, NV from Nulook Floor

Hardwood floor options for you

We want to start off by making sure you know that solid hardwood flooring can never be installed in spaces that are below ground level. Basements, for example, are never a good placement for this product. If you do have rooms like this that need flooring, we recommend engineered wood flooring, which works much better in this setting. Still a real wood flooring, it can even be refinished a time or two before necessary replacement. It has a veneer of solid wood between a backing layer and protective wear layer that affords you many of the same options you have with the solid variety.

The first necessary option is choosing a species type that relates specifically to your own levels of foot traffic and in-house activity. If you have large gatherings of guests, young children, or pets, you’re going to need a very hard species for ultimate durability. Less traffic means you can get by with a softer species. Discuss your options with your flooring specialist to know that you have exactly what you need.

You’ll also enjoy choosing a stain color and finish type. Be aware that certain finishes, such as hand scraped or distressed, can even work to hide signs of everyday wear and tear, giving you an even longer lifespan than what you might have expected in the first place.

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